Mighty hunter, Gentle Shepard

Welcome to Stan Burger Safaris

Hunters and Conservationists

See Africa with the best hunting outfitter!

· Fair Chase – Fair Prices – no hidden costs
· 95% repetitive clients – you are king of our jungle
· An average of 8 to 10 hunting groups a year
· Free range and large hunting areas
· Farm to table gourmet meals
· All meat is shared in the lodge, with the staff and with the communities around us
· Hunters Dollars upliftment programs

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Show Dates

5-8 Jan 2017

DSC ( Dallas safari Club) Dallas
Jacqueline, Susannah, Sebastian and Tavi will be at the Stan Burger Safaris booth( #220)
Stan (PHASA president ) will be at the PHASA booth (# A24)

19-21 Jan 2017

Wild Sheep foundation ( Reno)
The Burger family at Stan Burger Safaris booth (# 918)

1-4 Feb 2017

Safari Club International ( Las Vegas)
Stan (PHASA president ) will be at the PHASA booth. Jacqueline, Susannah and Bassie attending.