Mighty hunter, gentle shepherd

Stan Receives the Ian Goss Award

In November 2019 Stan received the inaugural Ian Goss Award from the Custodians of Professional Hunting and Conservation South Africa at the annual AGM. This award recognises an individual who has gone above and beyond to promote ethical and responsible hunting. The individual must have demonstrated and enhanced conservation and ecologically sustainable development through the responsible use of natural resources in order to ensure South Africa’s biodiversity and conservation heritage is protected for the benefit of present and future generations. Here he is sharing the special moment with Ian’s daughter, Coira.

a heritage in hunting

For over 30 years Stan Burger Safaris has offered hunters from around the globe the best that Africa can offer. To hunt Africa is a hard-earned privilege and a dream come true for many a hunter – allow us to ensure you are treated to an unforgettable hunting experience filled with adventure and record-book trophies hunted in proper ethical fashion, honouring the timeless tradition of the hunt.

Beyond hunting

Its no myth that hunter’s dollars reach far and wide into Africa in ways other conservation initiatives cannot. Stan Burger Safaris proudly protects the White Rhino on our own privately owned land using funds from hunting. In addition, we employ over 30 personnel in our hunting and lodging operations which would be impossible without hunting. Furthermore, we reach out into our local communities with a variety of upliftment and donation initiatives, all in an effort to demonstrate the value in conserving wildlife and habitat.


Our home base: Iwamanzi Private Wilderness Reserve