Some of the highlights of our previous hunting season

Hunt the spiral horns of south africa (above) - bushbuck, nyala, kudu and eland

Dan with a Kudu of a lifetime
Tom & Stan with a huge Lord Derby Eland from Cameroon
Rodney with his spectacular Sable Antelope
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A collection of trophy impala harvested in 2019 (above)

Brandon and his trophy Blue Wildebeest
Dan with a huge Burchell's Zebra stallion
Walt and his hard earned Roan Antelope
Jim and the clown of the grasslands - the Black Wildebeest
Sire and her beautiful Tsessebe
Siri and her nyala
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Jay with a superb Common Springbuck
Tom and his Copper Springbuck - often the last variant to be taken
Tom and his impressive Black Springbuck
Tom proudly shows his White Springbuck
Tom with a monster Common Springbuck - completing his slam Jay with a superb Common Springbuck
Cory with a stunning Common Springbuck at sunset
Fine family hunting - the third generation of Brewster's celebrate a good Common Springbuck together
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The springbuck (above) is our national antelope - and we take a lot of pride in hunting specimens of high trophy quality in all of the 4 colourations

A Gemsbuck to remember
Ken and his trophy Waterbuck bull
Mike with a stunning Red Lechwe
Drew with a massive warthog
Joel with a monster crocodile, hunted in Mozambique
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Steve and Lynn Pedigo with their trophy sable
Father and Son hunting - Doug and Ian take in the moment
Gentlemen!..This is hunting A superb Sable Antelope for Marty
“Yet another successful memory, Sable hunted by Rodney”
Tom and Stan making yet another memory
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Hunting sable antelope (above) - plain’s game royalty - is a dream we have made to come true for many

Cape buffalo - a personal favourite and speciality of ours. there is no hunt like it